Cloud-ready Spatial Data Infrastructure


Cloud-ready Spatial Data Infrastructure

GeoCloudSDI is the cloud-ready solution developed by GeoDataLab for Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) management in proprietary cloud environments.

The solution includes components for shared resources management, map cache creation, online map sharing and editing, geographic data versioning, system and application monitoring, request queues access control, and geofencing.

GeoCloudSDI uses Kubernetes, Docker, and Postgres/PostGIS, and it leverages the open-source solutions Geoserver, Mapstore, and GeoNode.

Macro functionalities of the system

  • Data acquisition from all the most common cartographic sources (both raster and vector)
  • Services provosion in OGC-compliant formats (WFS-WMS-TMS)
  • Vector and raster geofencing
  • Granular and configurable data access policies
  • Map cache generation engine with the repository (on traditional file systems and also on S3, Azure, and SQL lite)
  • Access statistics (Monitoring)

Two levels of control

The first level of control is the one by the Kubernetes dashboard, which highlights PODs system status, containers, volumes, their use, and resource commitment.

The second one comes from the GeoServer monitoring dashboard, which describes the system status, any critical issues or alerts, a summary of the software and hardware performance, and the geographical concentration of resource requests.

Kubernetes monitoring dashboard

Dashboard di monitoraggio di KubernetesKubernetes monitoring dashboard

Stress Test Tool

The GeoCloudSDI platform includes a pre-configured tool for carrying out stress tests to evaluate the system performance based on the number of requests and users.

The tool, built with JMeter software, can be configured to evaluate different platform usage scenarios and calibrate resources consequently.

Different levels of customization

The GeoCloudSDI system is available with different levels of customization ranging from complete installation/configuration on customer environments (on-premises) to delivery in Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) mode.

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